A core business within the PEG portfolio we operate across many brands within the industry, working on new and existing buildings. Over the life of a hotel refurbishment is inevitable, and with the high costs of operation we endeavor to ensure that systems we design in a new or refurbished hotel have the longevity to maximize the investment and profitability of all of our clients buildings.

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Westin National Harbor, Washington DC

An exciting new 6 story hotel consisting of 185 rooms with additional retail space. Design of the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, guestroom air conditioning and fire safety systems for the complete space.  

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W Midtown Hotel, New York City, NY

Design new condensate risers, new guestroom fresh air system, new chilled water piping to new fan coils. Design new infrastructure for guestroom electrical upgrade and fan coils. Review existing utility bills to confirm spare capacity on electrical service.

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Sheraton Hotel, Kansas City.

An existing facility in need of a complete refurbishment. The scope of work that PEG undertook involved a complete redesign of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, fire alarm, plumbing and fire protection systems.