PEG works on a wide range of new builds and refurbishment of existing apartment buildings, drawing our expertise from many years of working on projects large and small to ensure the right systems are in place to meet the needs of clients and tenants. We work with the clients to meet their financial goals, maximize their investment and at the same time minimize the costs for tenants, all while keeping a focus on the environmental footprint. 

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853 7th Avenue,                New York, NY

This project consisted of heating system renovation, including providing the floor plan drawings, riser diagrams, schedule & the details to show the conversion from oil to gas for heating purposes.

A very satisfying project in a landmark building that saved significant costs for the building owner, and a more reliable and environmentally friendly heating solution for tenants.  

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Byron-The Cambium,    Mamaroneck, NY

A prominent new building that was aimed at new movers in a growing real estate market. Building owners gave explicit objectives for long term efficiency to maximize building profitability and low tenant costs, important for the majority of the tenants, who were first time renters.

PEG designed the complete mechanical, electrical, plumbing & fire protection systems for the building and associated parking.

Total space of 367,000 sq ft.

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145 58th street,               New york, NY

A project that consisted of a complete heating renovation. PEG's involvement consisted of providing floor plan drawings, riser diagrams, schedules to show the conversion from oil to gas for heating purposes.

A challenging, but ultimately successful project that lead to a great solution for the building owners and tenants, all while meeting the latest environmental regulations.