The requirements for lessening the impact new homes have on the environment is a trend that will only accelerate in the future. Homeowners are excited at the opportunity to do their bit to minimize their footprint. At PEG we are keen partners for home owners with this progressive mindset, no matter the size of of the project.

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Private residence, Greenwich CT

The owners of this new build luxury home was insistent on making sure they were minimizing the environmental footprint. PEG designed the radiant floor heating and snow melt system. Also provided the electrical, fire protection and plumbing layout.

Total of 13,500 sq.ft.

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Private residence, Greenwich, CT

Designed mechanical system which included floor radiant
heating system. Designed exhaust/make up air unit for kitchen. Designed hot
water heating system with high efficient gas fired condensing boilers
associated piping layout.

Total of 5,264 sq.ft.

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private residence - New York, NY

Description: Design mechanical system for with duct work layout for whole house.
Provided electrical layout including lighting and power. Designed fire protection layout.
Provided plumbing design layout.

Total of 15,688