For over 20 years we have been on a mission to deliver excellence in service and offer design solutions that deliver to our our clients ecological buildings that are both environmentally and economically friendly.

Peterson Engineering Group, LLC, is an ecologically minded engineering firm specializing in designs to make your building projects both environmentally and economically friendly. Our services focus on LEED AP/LEED Commissioning, Sustainable & Renewable Energy design, and Commercial/Industrial/Retail refrigeration systems design. Offering full engineering services in mechanical HVAC, Plumbing systems design, Fire Protection systems design and Electrical systems & Mission Critical systems design. 

We have a dedicated focus on personal service. With LEED AP, Building Commissioning Agent and CEM Certifications, our talented and highly experienced staff will work with both your existing designs and visions in-progress to maximize output and efficiency while minimizing your initial investments and lower operating costs. Creating and maintaining green buildings and systems begins with knowledgeable design and a commitment to excellence.

Consulting services apply to the following engineering systems

    • • Passive ventilation and thermal comfort
      control systems.
      • Shading & building envelope features.
      • Renewable energy sources.
      • Alternative heat rejection systems.
      • Mechanical exhaust systems.
      • Building Management System and
      associated controls.
      • Refrigeration Systems – Retail & Industrial
      • Mechanical Air Conditioning Systems
      • Clean Room & Critical environmental Design
      • Sustainable Design
      • Geothermal Heat Exchange Systems
      • Thermal Storage Systems
    • • Sanitary & Storm Drainage Systems
      • Domestic Water Systems
      • Industrial & Medical Gas systems
      • Compressed Air Systems
      • Grey water system including treatment
    • • Energy Management Systems Design
      • Building Optimization
      • Energy Efficient Retrofits
      • Utility Incentive Programs
      • Testing & Analysis
      • Project Management
    • • Electrical Power distribution
      • Day lighting
      • Renewable energy sources – Solar PV,
      Wind, Geothermal
      • Site utilities coordination including
      electrical service, telephone service, cable
      television services, Data and Fiber
      • Street, pathways, car park, and external &
      building facade lighting.
      • Lighting & controls
      • Standby power generation & distributions
      • UPS & Mission Critical Systems
      • Security & Data Systems Design
      • Mission Critical Data Center Design
      • Lightning Protection Systems
      • Aircraft & Heliport Lighting Systems
    • • Fire detection system
      • Fire & life safety systems
      • Fire sprinkler and standpipe system
      • Fire Prevention Gas & Foam Systems
    • • LEED AP project services
      • LEED Fundamental & Enhanced
      Commissioning Services
      • Building Energy Modeling

In addition to standard MEP engineering services, the firm has specialized experience and is able to
provide additional engineering services related to:
• Sustainable Energy Cost Saving Design
• Existing Building Energy Evaluations
• Information Technology Systems Design
• Mission Critical Infrastructure & Distribution Design
• Town Hall, Hospital & Laboratory Environmental Control Systems
Peterson Engineering Group, LLC is qualified to take part of the Company’s C&I Energy
Efficiency Programs. In the past we have conducted incentive programs for multiple projects
such as: Stew Leonard’s in Norwalk & Newington, Glencore, Maplewood Assisted Living,
City of Norwalk Town Hall Boiler Efficiency and Roosevelt School. We have conducted
incentive program for lighting and mechanical efficiency.
During the process of the incentive program we have had to meet required deadlines, prove
that building is efficient and accurately project savings for the business’. Our clients have been
satisfied and have come to us multiple times and referred us for other incentive projects.